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Havas Village Ukraine: la emotiva carta de una agencia en un país en guerra

Por Redacción, 18 de marzo de 2022

Muy emotiva la carta y el vídeo que Nataliya Morozova, CEO de Havas Village Ukraine, ha remitido a sus compañeros para agradecer los mensajes de ánimo que están recibiendo de todo el mundo. Da una idea de la dificilísima situación que viven unos prefesionales de nuestro sector en un país asesido por la guerra.

Por su interés, reproducimos aquí la carta:

«Dear Colleagues,

Only on the 20th day of war, having reached a safe place, having recovered and calmed down a little, I have managed to pull myself together to write this letter to you.

First of all, I and Yuriy Kohutiak, President of Havas Village Ukraine, would like to thank each of you – we have received dozens, perhaps hundreds of messages and letters fromour colleagues from Havas Group around the world.

And, if in ordinary life I cry for two reasons – from joy and from laughter, now I burst into tears from each of your messages, your sincere words of support, empathy, concern and care for all of us and synergy of your love.

We would like to send our sincere gratitude to Yannick Bolloré, Christian de la
Villehuchet, Alberto Canteli and Arturo Carranza for their help and great contribution, for launching a fundraising campaign in support of our employees, for their daily
communication. We will NEVER forget it!

I would like to express my personal gratitude to Gilles Berouard from Havas Prague,
Malgorzata Wegierek and Maciej Kita from Havas Poland, Ivo Rundans from Havas Latvia who helped me to get out and because of all their help and support, my family and I are now in a safe place.

We want to say thank you so much to every Havas office that helped to rescue and
assisted with settling down to our employees and their families in different countries.
Now our slogan «To better together» has become much closer and more significant to

Previously, we did not communicate so closely, so we would like to tell you a little about our Havas Village Ukraine.

In Ukraine, we are (yes, I will write in the present tense, despite everything) one of the largest and most successful Groups, which includes 6 agencies and 5 highly specialized practices, we have 200 full-time employees and 300 project employees, about 100 clients large international and local companies, leaders in their segments and a huge amount of incredibly cool cases.

The best specialists in Ukraine work in our company, every Client and every market player knows Havas. We are honoured and proud to share and represent the mission and vision of Havas Group in Ukraine.

More than anything, we now want to return home and continue doing our favorite job. With God’s help it will happen in the near future.

We all really need your support right now.

I thank in advance everyone who has taken or will take part in a fundraising campaign for our employees, this will help us to support them during this difficult time.

Some of them are now without any means of communication on the temporarily
occupied territories, some spend their nights in bomb shelters. Others are involved in
territorial defence or have joined Ukrainian military forces. Most of the team are now
involved in the information war against Russian aggression. We can do it better than
anyone else!

And we are definitely not going to stop and we will fight for our country, for all of us, for the entire civilized world as long as we have our strength!

We have made a small video so that you can get to know us better. We want to show
you a little bit of our life now. Together we will win!

We are sincerely grateful to each of you»

Y aquí el vídeo:

¡Muchos ánimos compañeros!